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WOOF Natural Peanut Butter Coat Health

WOOF Natural Peanut Butter, Coat Health

WOOF Natural Peanut Butter, Coat Health

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This Woof Natural Peanut Butter, Coat Health is a natural peanut butter for dogs, made by the Funky Nut Company. This is a delicious natural taste for your dog.

Your dog deserves to have a healthier coat, so why not help and treat them? resulting this to happen. This is an excellent delicious tasty treat and focuses on your dogs health. It is a win, win!

Woof Butter Coat Health contains roasted peanuts and specially formulated mix of vitamins and minerals to aid coat health.  


- Natural ingredients, no nasties, no sugar, no Xylitol/sweeteners.

- 100% roasted peanuts.

- Delicious and tasty.

- Helps your dog have a healthy coat.

- Enriched with vitamins and minerals to aid coat health and keeping the coat pristine. 

- A delicious and tasty treat to helping the coat shine and to be healthy.

- No added palm oil.

- Use as a treat.

- Can be used and put in our buffalo horn.


- 250g


Suitable for adult dogs and puppies.


Roasted Peanuts, Vitamin & Amino Blend, Methionine, L-Lysine, Zinc

Allergen Information:

Peanuts/traces of other nuts.

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