Chuckit! Ultra Tumbler
Chuckit! Ultra Tumbler
Dog Ball

Chuckit! Ultra Tumbler

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The Chuckit! Ultra Tumbler can be used with either a Medium or a Large size Chuckit! ball launcher. This Unique toy has the same buoyancy and durability as the famous ultra ball, but the versatility and erratic motion make playtime even more fun. Designed to have the same high durability as the ultra ball bounce and wobble for ultra fun play.

Always maintain your dogs safety and supervise them at all times.

- Tumbles in an erratic path engages your dogs natural chase instinct.
- Made from durable, non-toxic rubber.
- Compatible with medium & large Chuckit! Launchers.
- Bright colours provide high visibility that makes it easy to find.
- Ultra fun play.
- Bouncy.

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