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Chuckit! Ultra Tug Medium 6.5cm

Chuckit! Ultra Tug Medium 6.5cm

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The Chuckit Ultra Tug durable rubber toy specifically designed for games of tug-of-war. This interactive fun toy features a sturdy 2-ply nylon band attached to a durable rubber ball for long lasting games of fetch and tug. The band makes it easy to throw further. Highly buoyant and durable. Compatible with the ball launchers.
Retrieving, draw and play with your Hund.

Always maintain your dogs safety and supervise them at all times.

- A sturdy 2-ply nylon band attached.
- Easy to throw away by using the band.
- No more dirty or slobbery hands, as you can use the band.
- Ideal for play time.
- Increases play time resulting your dog to stays health.
- Strong quality.
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