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Ball Launcher

Chuckit! Sport Ball Launcher Medium

Chuckit! Sport Ball Launcher Medium

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The Chuckit! Sporty 18 Ball Launcher has the sporty look and feel with excellent grip, making it possible to launch the ball with accuracy, distance and control.
Ball included. Size: 46cm. The Chuckit! launcher enables the ball to be thrown further and faster. Using this launcher you will never need to bend down to pick-up a slimy ball again with the Chuckit! Sport Launcher. Durable plastic launcher firmly grasps a ball then releases it as you swing.

They’re what made Chuckit! what it is today!
The Chuckit! launcher is famous the world over, providing dogs and owners with hours of play time and a high-quality fetch experience.

Chuckit! launchers come in a variety of throw lengths, from 1.5 times
a standard hand-throw up to 3 times! This variety, as well as being
able to use both small, medium and large compatible products in the
launchers, means that different customer needs can be easily met.

Please do not leave unsupervised with your pet and always maintain your dog's safety and supervise them at all times.

Did you know? The longer the launcher, the further the throw?

Key Benefits:
- Sporty.
- Excellent grip.
- Ball included.
- Great for fetch with no-slobber, hands free pickup.
- No more slobbery balls or picking it up.
- Fits medium size Chuckit! balls.
- Amazing for fetch games.
- Lightweight.

- Durable, made from flexible plastic to be longer lasting.

Size Launcher:
- BLUE Chuckit! Sport 25 Ball Launcher Medium 64cm (ball included)
- BLUE Chuckit! Sport 18 Ball Launcher Medium 46cm (ball included)

Size Guide:
Choosing the correct launcher.
- Launcher sizes ending in S are compatible with small Chuckit! balls.
- Launcher sizes ending in M are compatible with medium Chuckit! Balls.
- Launcher sizes ending in L are compatible with large Chuckit! Balls.
- Launcher sizes ending in XL are compatible with x-large Chuckit! Balls.

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