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Dog Ball

Chuckit! Kick Fetch

Chuckit! Kick Fetch

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This Chuckit! Kick Fetch construction makes it easy for dogs to pick up and bring back. The kick fetch has vibrant colours and high visibility to make it easy to track.
The Chuckit! kick fetch is made from a unique mixture of durable canvas, rubber and foam the anti-burst design makes kick fetch balls perfect for even the toughest of dogs.

This Chuckit! kick fetch is an amazing toy for a dog that loves to play!

Always maintain your dogs safety and supervise them at all times.

- Easy to see.
- Grooves in the ball for easy pick up.
- It is puncture proof.
- High visibility.
- Durable.
- Amazing bounce.
- Encourages play time.
- Bouncy.
- Excellent quality.

- Compressed foam = no more punctures with footballs.

- Small 15cm Chuckit! Kick Fetch (mini football size)
- Large 20cm Chuckit! Kick Fetch (football size)
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