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Dog Balm, Paws, Nose & Ears

Carno Paw Cleaner

Carno Paw Cleaner

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This Carno dog paw cleaner has gentle and soft high quality silicone bristles. It is environmentally-friendly, helping to remove dirt and mud effectively from your dogs paw, resulting them to be nice and clean.

Goodbye muddy paws!


  • Cleans dirty paws
  • Comes in small and large
  • Lightweight, easy and convenient to carry outdoors 
  • No mess and no more dirty towels
  • Before or when getting back home, just use our paw cleaner
  • Soft high quality silicone
  • The soft silicone brush will effectively and quickly remove dirt and clean off mud, sand, dirt, ice melt off your dogs paws easily.
  • Perfect size for a Extra Small, Small, Medium, and Large dog breeds

Direction of use:

  • Add a bit of water with a squeeze of our natural and vegan friendly shampoo ( or your own)
  • Put the muddy and dirty paw into the cup, one at a time.
  • Move the cup up and down or rotate it to clean the paw,then gently dry the paw with towel and then repeat with other paws.

How to clean the paw cleaner:

To clean, detach the cup top ring, the cup base and the silicone bristle and pour out the dirty water. Clean the cup and silicone brush and keep it dry for next use.

Small 10cm tall and 8.6cm wide  (for small, petite paws eg; chihuahuas)                
Large 14.9cm tall and 9.6cm wide 

This is not for a dog to chew or play with please keep out of the reach of your gorgeous dogs and use for paw cleaning only. Enjoy!


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