Boredom Treat Box
Boredom Treat Box
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Boredom Treat Box

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This Boredom Treat Box has a variety of natural treats making it a tasty treat box whilst keeping your dogs occupied!
Subscribe monthly and receive one every month!! Please note that the contents of our treat boxes may vary depending on stock levels. All our natural treats come in different sizes, colour, texture and shape!
Chews are definitely an important part of your dogs diet. They to help promote good dental hygiene and healthy gums. These natural dog chews are the healthiest way for your dog to play, chew and have fun! They provide great enrichment and enjoyment for your dog as well as being packed full of healthy goodness.
This box includes:
 - Four rabbit ears
- One hoofs
- One camel skin
- Two large pigs ear in replace of Ten gourment liver sausages
- Two lamb ears in replace of One lamb leg
- Two paddy wack
Rabbit ears
- Hypoallergenic - Low odour - Low fat - Suitable for sensitive digestion and allergies - Great snack - High protein content - Helps keep your dog’s teeth and gums clean and healthy
Ingredients: 100% Rabbit. Analysis: Protein 51.5%, Fat 19.4%, Humidity 10.5%, Ash 4%
Beef hoofs can be given empty or stuffed with your own filling. 
- Long lasting - High in protein - Help keep teeth and gums healthy - Low in fat and made with no hormones, preservatives, steroids, antibiotics, bleaches or other chemicals. - Can be filled with tasty treats.  
Composition:100% Cow Hooves
Camel Skin
- 100% Natural - Low Fat - Long lasting - Hypoallergenic - No artificial additives - Gluten-free - Packed with protein - Great for dental health and hygiene - Great for the coat and skin health - For dogs all sizes
Composition: 100% camel Analytical Constituents: Protein 67%, Fat 35.7%, Ash 3.5%
Gourment liver sausages
- Made with the highest quality natural and select ingredients to a premium standard and air dried to perfection - Made from fresh raw ingredients - Suitable for puppies and older dogs - Healthy and tasty, ideal as a healthy treat or reward - High in protein and packed with natural nutrition - Easily digestible - Promotes dental hygiene
Composition: Beef 30%, other meats 40% (chicken and beef), beef meal, minerals Additives: permitted preservative Analytical Constituents: Protein 22.8%, Oil 10.1%, Fibre: 0.5%, Ash 7.6%, Moisture 16.2%
Lamb leg '' lamb feet''
Benefits: - 100% Natural Lamb  - No added Ingredients! - Long lasting - Highly digestible source of calcium - High in iron and zinc  - It's preservative-free - Supports dental health - great for promoting healthy teeth and gums (help fight plaque)
Composition: 100% Natural Lamb Analytical Constituents: Protein 66.0%, Oils 18%, Fibre 7.0%, Moisture 0.9% 
Paddy Wack
- Great dental chews - Easily and highly digestible - Suitable for medium to large dogs - High in protein, low in fat - Gluten free and GMO Free - Chewing helps promote healthy teeth and gums.
Ingredients: 100% cow neck tendon Analytical Constituents: Protein 85%, Oil & fats 7.2%, Crude fibre 1.5%, Crude ash 1.3%, Moisture 5%
Always maintain your dogs safety and supervise them at all times! 
Feeding Guide: (approximate per day) Feed as a treat or reward anytime as part of a balanced diet. Suitable for puppies and dogs from 4 month of age. Always provide plenty of fresh water for your pet. Treats should be given on a non-stainable surface.