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Antos Antler Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

Antos Antler Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

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Antlers make fantastic dog chews because they are totally natural, long lasting, provide good minerals and are odourless to humans.

From puppies to older dogs, all are fascinated by them and love to explore the different taste and texture; gnawing, playing, chewing, licking, carrying and grinding them. These don’t go off which means that dogs can leave them and come back to it, day after day, for weeks or months.

Why antler treats are so good for your dog 100% natural Packed full of tasty minerals and nutrients, Antler Dog Chews contain a fantastic amount of minerals: Ash, Protein, Fibre, Calcium, Phosphorous, Magnesium, Iron, Sodium and Potassium Made of a hard bony material, harder than normal bone, that is much less likely to splinter or shatter, and that means they last and last, longer than raw hide and compacted vegetable starch chews.

They are good for your dogs teeth, as it does not fill gaps in teeth and the chewing /gnawing, grinds down the chew slowly, helping to keep teeth clean and healthy. They are also, good for sensitive tummies and those on a fat controlled diet.

Antler is a fantastic ingredient because it contains all these beneficial minerals:

- Collagen

- Good for bones

- Tendons

- Ligaments and cartilage Lipids

- Essential for growth and development Glucosamine Good for joints and tissues Calcium and phosphorous

- Benefits bones and teeth Iron

- Essential for healthy blood cells Potassium

- Good for nerve and muscle function Magnesium

- Aids in storing and releasing energy Chewing is very good for dogs in many ways.

- It helps keep their teeth clean, expends energy and keeps them occupied and out of trouble

Chewing releases positive chemicals from the brain, which will keep your dog content as well. Wild dogs have been chewing on Antlers probably for as long as both have existed. And why antler treats are good for you too! They have very low odour to humans, but smell delicious to sensitive dog noses. Antler Dog Chews last far longer than most other chews or treats.

You know you are giving your dog a chew that has not been boiled, processed or pumped full of additives. 100% totally natural Our antler dog chews and treats are cut from naturally shed, year fresh, deer antlers, from healthy free ranging deer that live natural lives.

All our antlers are free from chemicals, preservatives, colouring and additives of any sort, just pure and natural as nature intended.

These truly amazing structures, are being studied by biologists in the hopes of learning the secrets of fast cell growth, which may unlock cures to various forms of cancer. As they get larger they begin to branch out and are covered with a thin skin of fine fur. At this time the blood that flows to the antlers stops, and they begin to harden. When the antlers have reached their full growth, the protective fur dries out, and the deer will rub it off on trees. Finally in the winter, the antlers will fall off. With each successive year's growth the antlers will branch into more points until the deer has reached his prime. Variations and sizing Antler Dog Chews are totally natural and cut from complete antlers.


- Antos Antler Small 50-75g
- Antos Antler Medium 75-150g
- Antos Antler Large 150-220g
- Antos Antler Extra Large 220g

Please Note

These will vary in colour, from greyish beige to dark brown. The shape can be straight or branched, thick or thin.

Always maintain your dogs safety and supervise them at all times.

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